I'm a contemporary artist and graphic designer from Germany with a intense passion for geometric shapes and geometrical poetry, hard edge, powerful colors and optical effects that are only sometimes real. I'm creating inspiring decors and designs for your home, for your businessroom, for your... My theoretical foundations lies in Interior Design, in the teachings of the the famous Bauhausschool, in the deconstructivism, in the classic graphic design as well as in the modern architecture. My graphical style, my high precision in the performance of artwork and my unique use of Color makes me known. I’m a member of the Association of Professional Artists Germany.

I look forward to seeing my designs in your rooms! Thanks for visiting and buying!

Do you like one of my designs and maybe you would like it in a different color combination - especially to match your room? Contact me, I will be happy to prepare the design especially for you and you can then easily buy your favorite product here in my Society6 shop.

Original paintings are also available for sale - please contact KNÖ-REI to see what is available.

Please note: All designs © Don`t copy, edit, display or redistribute copyrighted images without my permission. All rights reserve.

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