Do you have an eye for design? Do others look to you as a tastemaker? Are you a Society6 artist looking to make some extra money on your sales?

As a Society6 affiliate, you can earn money by sharing your favorite products or designs with friends, family and followers. Simply share your unique affiliate link and watch your earnings add up.

About the Society6 Affiliate Program

• Earn a 10% commission on purchases made through your link.

• $0 to join and no minimum sales requirements to cash out your earnings.

• Track your earnings and see exactly which products have sold.

• 30-day purchase window—if someone visits through your link and purchases any time within 30 days, you still get commission for the sale.

How It Works

  • 1

    Apply With A Verified PayPal Account

    If approved, you'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

  • 2

    Copy Your Affiliate Links from Product Pages

    Once approved, you can find these links under your favorite product's description.

  • 3

    Share Your Link

    Post to all your friends and followers! Anyone who clicks your link will have a 30-day purchase window.

  • 4

    Every Purchase Earns You $$

    Get 10% of every referred purchase in your PayPal account at the beginning of every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you track the 30-day purchase window?

Clicking through your affiliate link activates a 30-day site cookie. A cookie is a tracker that helps us determine who sent a referral to our site (aka you.) Even if your referral doesn't make an immediate purchase, any purchase they make during that 30-day period counts towards your earnings.

Additionally, we offer a 30-day cart cookie. This means that when visitors add products to their cart, there is an additional 30-day purchase window on top of your site cookie—from the day the product is added.


How do affiliate earnings work?

Affiliate commissions are paid on the final base price of a product. If an artist has set a markup on the product, you will only be paid a commission on the base price. If a product is on sale, the commission will be paid on the final sale price.

There is a 30-day grace period for all orders to clear from the time of sale. Any items returned in that window will not count towards your earnings.


Where can I find my unique link?

Once you are approved, your affiliate link can be found on any product page under the product description. You can copy that link and share anywhere you would like! If you want to share a collection or a direct link to your artist shop simply add your unique affiliate code, ?curator=yourusername, to the end of the URL.

The Society6 Affiliate Program

Share Art. Get Paid. It's That Simple.